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I write adventure novels for young adults and... well, adults. Pirates, Assassins, time travel, and a bit of magic make my stories unusual and unique.

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My rants, raves, and thoughts, whether you wanted them or not.

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I Got Knocked Down

But I got up again. At least, I think I did. I'm dizzy from the…


Awesome and Free Online Productivity Tools

As a freelance writer and editor, I'm always on the lookout for free sh*t that…


10 Hilarious Historical Facts About Profanity

According to Melissa Mohr[1], cuss words are stored in the “lower brain,” which controls emotion,…

I am a 30-something...

    • Freelance Editor. I love my job. Most of the time.
    • Digital Artist. You can view my portfolio here
    • Writer of historical, fantasy, and romantic fiction. I have yet to see something I’ve written in a brick and mortar bookstore, but I’ve only been trying for 5 years… *vomits and faints*